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Suomalaisen Toroidion-sähköauton tekniikasta tihkui entistä tarkempaa tietoa. Käsittämätön kiihtyvyys kuuluu moniin Toroidion 1MW on 4,32. Toroidion Oy on suomalainen autoalan start-up-yritys, jonka kotipaikka on Raasepori. Vuonna 2015 se esitteli sähkökäyttöisen superauton 1MW Concept

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  1. Kotimaista käsituotantoa oleva auto sisältää yrityksen keulahahmon mukaan uutta ja mullistavaa tekniikkaa. Toroidion 1MW Concept oli ensimmäisen kerran näytill.
  2. Pasi Pennanen Toroidon 1MW Concept -auton ratissa. Toroidionin hyödyllisyysmalli paljastaa, Miksi Toroidion-tiimi on sitten kehittänyt moisen moottorin
  3. Toimitusjohtaja Pasi Pennanen Toroidion 1MW:n kanssa vuonna 2015 Suurten mutta varautuneiden odotusten ympäröimä sähköautoyritys Toroidion on ottanut.
  4. Auton suunnittelija, Toroidion Oy: Superautot. Tapio Ikkala. Teho 1800 hv, kiihtyvyys 0-400 km/t 20s - Tällainen on uusi takavetoinen superautojen kuningas
  5. Onko Toroidion Suomelle uusi Nokia? vaikka tuo kiihtyvyys. 0-400kmh 11 sekuntia on ihan uskomaton veto ns niin 1MW ja 515km ovat aika vakuuttavat.
  6. Toroidion. Toroidion 1MW Concept sähköinen konseptiauto on suunniteltu ja rakennettu Raaseporissa. Toroidionin tuotantotilat ovat Pohjassa
  7. en sähköauto ja sen sensaatiomainen kiihtyvyys taintuu jo satasen.

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WLTP-kulutussykli on pidempi ajassa ja matkassa mitattuna. Keskinopeus, kiihtyvyys ja huippunopeus ovat myös WLTP-syklissä korkeampia. Toroidion 1MW [71] Mikä voisi olla Suomalaisen Toroidion sähköauton super-car-toroidion-is-finnish-design Toroidion 1MW Concept cars 1000 km ja kiihtyvyys 0-100. Mistä on kyse? Toroidion 1MW on sähköinen superauto; Urheiluauto on valmistettu hiilikuidusta; Auton on kehittänyt ja valmistanut suomalaisryhm 2 24 KESKISUOMALAINEN PERJANTAINA Salaisuuksien superauto TOROIDION OY Toroidion 1MW: Jyväskyläläistaustaisen Pasi Pennasen huimat ideat kypsyivät jo upeaksi.

Naapurikunnassamme Raaseporissa on myös tekeillä erikoinen sähköauto Toroidion 1MW. mistä seuraa etenkin pienillä nopeuksilla hirmuinen kiihtyvyys The Toroidion 1MW concept car is street-legal technical prototype and has been designed, developed and built entirely in-house in Finland. Toroidion 1MW Concept car has four direct drive electric..

Toroidion is an aspiring Finnish car manufacturer domiciled in Raasepori. In 2015 Toroidion introduced the electric supercar 1MW Concept. Toroidion Ltd claimed to have solved core problems that have prevented making electric cars practical, but evidence of this claim has not emerged Toroidion 1MW Concept (2015): Finnish electric supercar. Toroidion 1MW Concept (2015): Finnish electric supercar Toroidion 1MW concept electrifies Top Marques Monaco with 1,341 bhp. After a teaser published in February, Finnish specialty marque Toroidion has unveiled the 1MW electric concept at 2015 Top.. Toroidion, Raasepori, Etelä-Suomen Lääni, Finland. 4,576 likes. High performance and safe electric Toroidion has developed a new innovative electric powertrain that operates on a low voltage range.. May 06, 2015 · The Toroidion 1MW, billed as a 100% electric hypercar, boasts 1,341 horsepower, butterfly doors and a retro design. It also has a breathtaking price tag. Toroidion CEO Pasi Pennanen told CNNMoney..

21 Official images. Toroidion 1MW Concept Concept, 2015. Toroidion 1MW Concept Concept, 2015. 13 more... About us Heard of the #Toroidion 1MW Concept? It has a whopping 1,341bhp! #supercarsunday #supercar #cars #conceptcar #hypercar #electriccar pic.twitter.com/5XT5A2qUif Toroidion 1MW Concept. Collection by Toroidion. Toroidion 1MW Concept, designed and handmade in Finland Why another electric supercar you ask? You'd think that after Tesla, Rimac, Renovo and the myriad of other companies making high-end electric vehicles, it would reach a point where there's just too many Toroidion Reveals 1340HP, Quad-Motor EV Hypercar Prototype in Monaco, 2015 Toroidion 1MW Toroidion is a startup supercar company from Finland that hopes its LeMans racing technology can..

The all-new Toroidion 1MW concept car was designed, developed and built entirely in Finland. The car wrestles the title of world's most powerful all-electric supercar away from the Rimac Concept One Toroidion 1mw is an electric supercar launched by Toroidion on 16 April 2015 Globally. It is a street legal electric vehicle designed, developed and built entirely in Finland TOROIDION 1MW. 热门车型综合对比 > 预约试驾 我要换车 分期. 暂无车型报价,我们会在第一时间更新,请您继续关注 Toroidion 1MW '15. After a teaser published in February, Finnish specialty marque Toroidion has unveiled the 1MW electric concept at 2015 Top Marques Monaco

While the 1MW's look leaves something to be desired, it's just an initial proof of concept it evolves into a more attractive sports coupe design worthy of what promises to be cutting edge electric powertrain.. Toroidion 1MW Concept. Published on Mon, 12 Dec 2016. Toroidion 1MW Concept. 2 years ago. 154 views Toroidion 1MW Concept is a proof-of-concept supercar powered by our revolutionary high-performance electric motors. The advanced powertrain responds instantly to generate an agile and ultimate driving.. The Toroidion 1MW Concept car is street-legal and has been designed, developed and built entirely in-house in Finland. The company has announced that additional details on the performance will be.. The Finnish manufacturer Toroidion unveiled the 1MW Concept, a purely electric 1341hp supercar The 1MW Concept features a clean, elegant design with classic proportions and a little bit of retro in it

The Toroidion 1MW (shorthand for one mega-watt, the vehicle's projected metric output) is scheduled to debut in April at Top Marques Monaco, so watch this space for more The Toroidion 1MW Concept is a battery-powered, four-wheel-drive glimpse into the future of high-performance motoring. We also know that the 1MW is built on a new powertrain model, one that is..

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  1. The Toroidion 1MW is a concept supercar that was designed, developed and constructed entirely in Finland, making the small Nordic country's intent to make a splash in the world of supercar design
  2. Toroidion 1MW Concept, supercar est 100% électrique d'une puissance de 1.360 ch. Intégrer la vidéo. Toroidion 1MW Concept : 1360 ch et 100% électrique
  3. You're watching Toroidion 1MW Electric Hypercar named video on FinlandTrends channel on Yaşam category. This Toroidion 1MW Electric Hypercar named video was added on 7 and watched 3 yıl..
  4. Teaser for the Toroidion 1MW concept hyper car. Director: Samu Amunét Producer: Olli Keskinen DP (studio): Janne Amunét Editor: Sampo Siré
  5. In 2015 Toroidion introduced the electric supercar 1MW Concept.[1][2] Toroidion Ltd claimed to have solved core problems that have prevented making electric cars practical, but evidence of this claim..
  6. Post with 14 votes and 936 views. Tagged with Funny, , , ; Shared by GTrealm. Toroidion 1Mw Concept Car
  7. Toroidion 1MW - The concept electric supercar from Finland [A first glance]. Transcription. Toroidion 1MW Concept. The power of the electric super car is one megawatt or 1341 horsepower

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currently conducting performance tests, more information about the toroidion 'MW1' supercar's patented powertrain will be revealed once they have been completed. side view of the supercar.. 3D model of Toroidion 1MW 2015 based on a Real object, created according to the Original dimensions. Available in various 3D formats While Toroidion claims the 1MW was built with light-weight materials and offers scalable performance to the One:1, what's really impressive is that it achieves this kind of otherworldly power using only.. Called Toroidion 1MW and designed/built in Finland, this electric car pumps out an astounding 1,341 HP. It's a two-seater that's describes as featuring rounded headlights, oval front grille, long hood.. Concept Electric supercar Toroidion 1MW. April 20th, 2015. Several months ago - in February 2015 - the company Toroidion announced the creation of high-powered electric vehicle

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Roughly two months ago, we were showing you a teaser photo (blacked out, obviously) of a Finnish all-electric supercar. The name was Toroidion 1MW, and now it has a face. 22 photos El futuro de la automoción está en los coches eléctricos. Seguro que ya has oído esta afirmación más de una vez, y no le falta razón. Por suerte o por desgracia.. The 1,341 horsepower Toroidion 1MW concept supercar is powered by an all-electric powertrain that's fueled by a high-capacity battery that can easily be replaced at any time It's full name is Toroidion 1MW Supercar and it is the result of a four year effort by Pasi Pennanen, a Technical details have not been fully released but Toroidion does say that each wheel is directly.. Toroidion unveiled 1MW at the recent Top Marques Monaco Show earlier this year. The car is the product of the development of an entirely new electric powertrain that would be competitive at the Le..

Here's the story of the Troidion 1MW an all-electric Finnish super car that has Some of the things that apparently set the Troidion 1MW apart from other electric efforts are the fact that it is designed so that.. Toroidion 1MW Concept, l'hypercar finlandese da 1360 cavalli Al Top Marques di Monaco, il costruttore finlandese Toroidion ha presentato il suo nuovo prototipo, la 1MW: come dice il nome.. After four years in development, Finnish manufacturers Toroidion unveiled their stunning 1MW electric concept at Monaco's Top Marques show in 2015. Four electric motors generate a staggering 1341..

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  2. The Toroidion 1MW Electric Supercar Concept ($TBA) was built as a proof of concept to develop a 100% electric powertrain that could compete in the famed Le Mans 24-hour race. In order to make this..
  3. Toroidion Electric Car Has 1 Megawatt (1,341) HP - Video
  4. Toroidion 1MW Concept: As electric-power vehicles emerge as the premier choice for drivers around the world, here we
  5. Finnish company Toroidion recently teased its 1MW concept car at the 2015 Top Marques Monaco. The concept car gets its name from the fact that its motors produce a total of 1 megawatt of power
  6. In 2015 Toroidion introduced the electric supercar 1MW Concept.[1][2] Toroidion Ltd claims to have developed new technologies that solve many of the current practical problems of electric cars..
  7. From a visual standpoint, the Toroidion 1MW Concept certainly features a characteristic supercar design including two round headlights and two round foglights at the front

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Kotimaista käsituotantoa oleva auto sisältää yrityksen keulahahmon mukaan uutta ja mullistavaa tekniikkaa. Toroidion 1MW Concept oli ensimmäisen kerran näytill.

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